While watching the BBC mystery series Midsomer Murders last night, I heard another word I just like the sound of, tetchy. If wiktionary.com can be believed, it was introduced by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, in 1592. I’ve not heard it used by Americans, so I guess this one has mainly stayed in the land in which it was coined. It’s sometimes spelled techy.  Though that spelling is not as common, and techy is generally used to refer to someone who has an affinity for technology. That use of the word is sometimes spelled techie. Confused? Sorry. I just want to be clear that the word I like the sound of is tetchy. It’s not just that it feels good to say it (though it does). I like what it refers to, which is being or inclined to be cross, irritable, or touchy. When you hear the word, even if you’ve never heard it before, you get an idea of what it means. I say we do our best to bring this into common usage in the US. Next time a coworker or family member appears irritable, let them know they’re being tetchy. Well, maybe not.

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