Any Road

This one’s a bit different. I just came across the phrase any road to mean “anyway” in a book set in the Lake District (an area in North West England). The book is The Hanging Wood by Martin Edwards. When I first read it I paused, thinking I hadn’t understood. I saw it again in another part of the book, and realized it meant just what I had thought it had; a substitute for “anyway” or the phrase “in any case”.  I like this. To me, it calls to mind an idea I believe…no matter what path we take (no matter what road, you might say), we wind up where we’re meant to. I explored this idea once when writing about the film Sliding Doors. Here’s an excerpt, “…we may make a mistake, make a bad decision, but there’s a place we’re meant to be, and while we can choose the path, we still get there. I am a believer in the spirit within. And when we are one with that, we move and act in a way that’s true to our truest self. To me, life is about continually finding peace. And when I feel at peace, I could be dealing with big challenges, but feel in control in an otherwise out of control world.” You can read the full text of that here.  What about you? Have you come across the phrase any road to mean anyway? My husband tells me it’s commonly used in England. Have you heard it here?

4 thoughts on “Any Road

  1. I’ve never heard it. Would you use it grammatically just like “anyway”? I mean, can it start a sentence, as in, “Any road, I just wanted you to know.”

    • Yes! The two instances I saw were just like that. Here’s an example from the book I was reading, “Any road, he introduced Niamh and me to Payne.” Great names, eh?

  2. Huh! I’ve never heard that over here, or over there when I was studying abroad, for that matter. I need some method for adding words like this to a “to-be-used” list so I can try them out in conversation or in a blog post.

    • I know what you mean. As soon as I heard this I wanted to start dropping it into conversations. But how to do that without sounding like I was trying too hard? I settle for saying it now and again to my husband, who is ever-patient with my silliness.

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