En Croute, Grape, Sockets

Our family likes to make up words. If you’ve been a reader of my other blog, Salgrunkshire for any length of time this isn’t news to you. That blog name itself was inspired by my brother, Jim (you can read about that here). His tradition (I prefer to think of it that way instead of as a character quirk) is being carried on in my family. Daughter Natalie has made up her share of words: yazgood, gessert, goast, to name a few. She even wrote a post for her school’s online paper, How to Make Up Words. My husband takes a different tack when it comes to making up words. He uses an existing word or phrase in a new way that plays on the sound of it. He may text me when he’s on his way home to say he’s en croute (en route). And if you ask how his day has gone, he may say grape (great). When you hand him freshly laundered socks, he may thank you for the sockets. I enjoy these new uses for old words. They’re playful and always make me smile. Do you make up words? Please share some!


One thought on “En Croute, Grape, Sockets

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