Posted in October 2011


Yesterday I reached out to my twitter friends and asked for suggestions for words to blog about here. Many responded, and I’ve now got several great ideas, thanks! While all were good words, the next to last one was penultimate. Funny eh? Since that’s what penultimate means…next to last. What a great word. It’s so … Continue reading

Piecemeal & All of a Piece

While not commonly used words, to me they seem easily understood. Piecemeal, meaning something done in stages or bit by bit and all of a piece something that’s complete. I like that they are similar in nature, but clearly different. The few times I’ve had occasion to use either of these in conversation I got … Continue reading


By recommendation of a kind twitter pal (thanks Joanne), my next bon mot is gobsmacked. This is one of those words I like simply for the memory of the first time I heard it. It was 1997 and I’d been chatting online to a nice guy from England. After exchanging dozens of emails we agreed it was … Continue reading