Posted in November 2011


This is an odd word. Okay, sorry. I think I may start a lot of posts here like that. But truly, this one is. Do you know what peripatetic means? If not, pause here, don’t peek, and get an idea in mind of what you think it means. I thought it might be a medical … Continue reading


An odd word, this one. While to be corporeal means to have a body, specifically, not spiritual, it makes me think of the phrase, “esprit de corp”, which loosely translated from the French literally means “spirit of the body” but translates to “team spirit” and refers to being of a common mind. That’s not at … Continue reading


I’m reading a novel I picked up in a wonderful local independent bookshop, on a weekend when all British mysteries were half off. I took a risk on an author I’d not read, and so far I’m enjoying the book (The Yellow Room Conspiracy by Peter Dickinson). Today while reading it, I ran across the … Continue reading