This is an odd word. Okay, sorry. I think I may start a lot of posts here like that. But truly, this one is. Do you know what peripatetic means? If not, pause here, don’t peek, and get an idea in mind of what you think it means. I thought it might be a medical condition. My husband thought of some kind of medical drip. Maybe you’re more well read than either of us and know that peripatetic, this mouthful of a word, with so many vowels you can’t help tripping over them, actually means “walking or traveling about” or “of or pertaining to the Aristotelian school of philosophy”. Isn’t that wonderful? The twitter friend who recommended this said that just saying it makes her want to pack a bag. It makes me think of time travel. Then again, I’ve been watching a lot of Warehouse 13 lately, and see almost everything through sci-fi tinted classes. So there you have it. Peripatetic. I challenge you to use it in conversation. Maybe you’ll find occasion to use this sample sentence I found on an actual website, “In the Twilight saga, after his fight with Bella, Jacob became peripatetic and needed to move from one place to another.” Maybe not.

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