I only just learned the word quiescent a few days ago. It means “marked by inactivity or repose; tranquilly at rest.”  Its first known use (according to Merriam Webster) was in 1605. I can picture that. “Boy, now that the dust has settled from the Gunpowder Plot, London is at its most quiescent in ages.” Maybe not. But you get the idea. My own feelings about this word are complicated. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a twitter friend, Joanne, who I’ve never met in person, but to whom I feel a connection.  She not only frequently comments on my blog, but has been known to spur me on to write if I go too long between posts. I appreciate her encouragement so much. But I haven’t seen her on twitter recently. Her last tweets were on 12/20, and were on such diverse topics as Kate Middleton, protractors, and French horns – not all in one tweet. Now for the past two weeks, not a word. My hope is that she’s temporarily quiescent by choice. Maybe she took an extended holiday in a remote place and doesn’t want to announce that to the twitterverse, for safety’s sake. It’s strange how someone we haven’t laid eyes on can affect us so. I realize that’s not a unique thought these days. But it’s what’s on my mind as I write. And so Joanne, this bon mot is dedicated to you. May you return from your quiescent state soon so we can chat and smirk virtually together again.

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