This one sounds like a made up word, doesn’t it? In fact, when I was chatting with my husband about it, and asked if he remembered what film we’d heard it in, he thought it came from “Zoolander”.  If you know that film you know that the main character has a habit of goofing up words, like, “eugoogly” instead of “eulogy”.  Ambigram has that sort of sound to it. But the film (and of course before it, the book) that it appears in is Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons.” An ambigram is a typographical design, which is usually a word or words that can be read from multiple viewpoints. You can find some cool examples of ambigram logos here. Not only do I find it a fun word to say, but I like the idea of something that looks the same, no matter how you view it. Wouldn’t it be nice if more things in life were like that? Well, not everything of course. But when trying to find consensus, it’d be great to have an ambigram that got you there. Have you seen these before? Got any good examples?

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