I love this word. I know I say that a lot in these posts. But come on, it’s flummoxed. How can you not love saying this word? I said it the other day at work, and couldn’t help smiling to myself afterwards. Very simply, to be flummoxed is to be confused or perplexed. But why use those boring words when you could use flummoxed? There’s really not much more to say about this word. It’s simple. It’s fun to use. And you probably already know it. But Google it anyway. You can find some really fun sites. Like this cool one about art: http://www.flummoxed.org/.  And this thoughtful one, a blog post by a mom. Her bio line reads, “On raising a son on the autism spectrum, progressive politics, pop culture, and coffee addition”. Check it out. The first known writer to use flummoxed was Charles Dickens.  Not bad. So, the next time you’re confused, scratch you’re head and say, “Boy, I’m flummoxed!”

2 thoughts on “Flummoxed

  1. Well, you have done it again, given me a word that caused me to think and research.
    I thought immediately that flummoxed was a Yiddish word and when I looked on google, I was right. Sounds like a word that one would hear in “Fiddler on the Roof!”

    Until next time…your loyal student…ME!

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