Did you know there’s a specific word for throwing or ejecting something from a ship, aircraft, or vehicle? Yes, that word is jettison. Okay, it doesn’t always mean that. It can mean simply to cast aside or abandon. But really, you could just say “cast aside” or “abandon” in those situations. Let’s reserve jettison for the heavy duty, technical act, such as jettisoning your coffee cup from the car window. No, wait. Please don’t do that. I like that you can’t inadvertently jettison. It’s a deliberate act. James Bond might jettison the blonde from the seat next to him if she doesn’t suit his fancy any more. I wonder if any of the Titanic survivors used this word. As in, “Let’s jettison from this sinking ship and take to a lifeboat!” Maybe not.

4 thoughts on “Jettison

  1. Why only yesterday, the pick up truck in front of me jettisoned a take-out food paper bag. It came careening out of the back of said pick up truck, heading straight for my windshield. It may not have been deliberate, per se, but the owner of the truck should have n more careful about unsecured objects in the bed of his vehicle. It missed my car and continued to blow about on the road, in traffic. Jettison. J E T T I S O N. Jettison. Great word. Thanks Sue.

  2. i am in the process of jettisoning all of the “stuff” in my life that does not bring peace of mind and a sense of well being. Goodbye funky, old candy dishes, useless bits of garage junk that “we might need some day” and friends who don’t “hold up their end” of the relationship!

    • Aunt Mary – right on, sista! I like your style. But wait, I might want that funky, old candy dish (kidding). Jettisoning all the stuff that doesn’t bring peace & well being is a great philosophy. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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