While intuit doesn’t have any unique origins (that I could find), it’s a bon mot because of a recent usage I came across. Intuit means to know intuitively or by immediate perception. That kind of definition isn’t very satisfying. Really, when is it helpful to define a word using that word? Regardless, it all started with an article my friend Cathy (aka @jayhawk100) shared with me recently about one of my favorite authors, Fannie Flagg. Ms. Flagg was the 2012 winner of the Harper Lee award. The writer of the article (who I would credit, but is listed simply as “Press-Register Staff”), does a wonderful job describing Fannie Flagg’s writing. “Her novels, of course, are not factual reminiscences but are artful fiction from which the reader intuits truths. And, much as in a good memoir, the ‘spoonfuls of sugar’ of hindsight and memory help us swallow with less distaste the realizations of life Flagg offers the reader.” To me, that’s saying we don’t always need or want a writer to “sugar coat” our truths, but artful fiction can help us see truth. I sent the article to my husband, as he’s not a reader of fiction, and I’ve been trying to help him see what I see in it. I don’t mind if he chooses not to read fiction; but I would like him to understand why it appeals to me. When he read that, he “got it”, and as he was new to the word intuit, he suggested it be included here. And there you have it.

2 thoughts on “Intuit

  1. The very first thing I thought about when I saw your bonmot intuit, was “Mother’s Intuition!”
    For any doubting Thomas’, it’s real…really real, at least, it’s real for me!

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