While watching Bones the other day, the word apothecary came up. I love the oldy worldy sound of that word. I feel it should be said with a posh British accent. And hearing it, I picture jars of pills, potions, and maybe eye of newt. Okay, not eye of newt. Did you know apothecary is the historical name for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses medical substances? It’s derived from the Old French “apotecaire” and the Greek word for warehouse. While most times I picture a dusty, musty, old shop, maybe in Diagon Alley, there is another apothecary shop that’s full of sunlight and milkshakes. The Aldrich Apothecary in historic Council Grove, Kansas is a delightful spot. My husband and I first visited it almost 14 years ago, when we honeymooned in that tall grass prairie town that’s just a few hours’ drive from home. We’ve been back a few times since, and we always stop at the apothecary shop, and sometimes we have a malt or milkshake from the soda fountain. What do you think of when you hear apothecary?

3 thoughts on “Apothecary

  1. This word brings to mind walking past an old shop that used to be on Butler Street in Lawrenceville, PA. As silly young girls we would goad each other into stepping inside to gawk and grimace at the jar that held medicinal leaches. Ugh!

    Later in life I had a large commission for a stained glass window to be placed in a drug store. I loved researching and reproducing all of the colors and shapes of the elaborate display jars. I etched some of the lables with the names of old potents and elixirs like “Oil of Clove”.

    Thanks for the stroll into the past! A. Mary

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