This word probably needs no explanation. I merely include it on this blog because it’s so much fun that it’s clearly a bon mot. Thank you by the way, to Cathy (aka @jayhawk100) for suggesting it. Other words for scalawag are rascal and scamp. And as mentioned in a comment to the previous post, rapscallion is certainly a cousin to scalawag. Apparently in U.S. history it referred to, “a native white Southerner who collaborated with the occupying forces during Reconstruction, often for personal gain.” That’s pretty specific for a word we now use so broadly. I also came across what looked to be a pretty awful film, directed by and starring none other than Kirk Douglas, called Scalawag. I was amused to find it also started a 15 year old Mark Lester, who you may recall played another young scamp, “Oliver!” Okay, so you knew scalawag. But did you also know there’s a noun form: scalwaggery and an adjective: scalawaggy. Really.

4 thoughts on “Scalawag

  1. I did not know there was a a noun form: scalwaggery or an adjective form: scalawaggy but, thanks to you, I do.

  2. Hi Sue! Here’s one I came across this week; farouche (French origin). Marked by shyness and a lack of social grace. Or fierce and wild, withdrawn, sullen or cranky. This was used in a critique of a young Beatrix Potter drawings by the art club that she participated in. By the way, her watercolors of landscapes are wonderful!

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