Polka Dots

Don’t you just love polka dots?  They evoke images of children’s clothes, party balloons, and of course itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis. I also picture women dressed in polka dots dresses having tea, in a garden. Polka dots are widely recognized the world over. But did you know that while they are not named after the popular dance of the same name, they are related? The dotted fabric, and other products of the mid 1800’s were popular, as was the polka dance and therefore many products and fashions adopted the name. What do picture when you think of polka dots? Do you like them? Do you wear them?

2 thoughts on “Polka Dots

  1. I do like polka dots but, I don’t wear polka dots. I’ve bought adorable polka dot wrapping paper
    and an entire polka dot bed ensemble…it’s a teenage girl thing.

    • Ooh, I bed the polka dot bed ensemble is adorable. I do wear polka dots, in fact, was wearing them while writing the post. I wouldn’t say I seek them out, but sometimes a garment catches my eye and takes my fancy.

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