Posted in July 2012


I received an email recently in which the sender said, “You’ve peaked my interest.” Upon reading that, I paused. While familiar with the phrase, I thought it was piqued my interest. After a quick trip to the intranet, I found I was right. Woo-hoo! And yet, I wondered about the phrase. Why pique and not … Continue reading


If I were to write a fairy tale, I might begin it with, “Once upon a time, there had been a small cottage in the wood. Now that erstwhile dwelling was home to nothing more than squirrels and the occasional truant child, passing by on a gorgeous summer day, and seeking the coolness of its covered … Continue reading


Picture a dim hallway or dark alley. And there, ambling by, dipping into a doorway here or around a corner there is a man in an overcoat and a fedora, with the brim pulled down low. That’s what it is to skulk. What a great word (well, clearly, or it wouldn’t have made it to … Continue reading