Posted in August 2012


So I’m sitting a professional society board meeting, discussing potential locations for a networking event, and the kitschy Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo comes to mind. One of our group thinks they have a lot of private rooms. “Grottos”, I say. Yes! That’s exactly what they’re like. Small, cave like areas. You could probably guess … Continue reading


My husband recently bought a motorcycle. He loves it. He rides it to work. He tinkers with it a bit. And he’d like me to ride pillion. Um, say what? Yes, you read that right: pillion. When he first said this to me I thought it was one of his silly made up words. Like … Continue reading

Baste, Caramelize, Drizzle, Flambé

I was thinking tonight about cooking terms. Baste, caramelize, drizzle, flambé.  I know, I know. How out of character for me. My familiarity with cooking starts with “daily special” and ends with “check please”. But this morning I caught part of a story on KCUR’s Central Standard. The host, Jabulani Leffall (his name could be … Continue reading

Give No Quarter

This isn’t the first time that a bon mot was inspired by a Jacqueline Winspear Maisie Dobbs novel. An early post, betwixt & between came from Maisie. Recently while reading the third book in the series, which was a gift from a fellow book lover, my daughter was inspired to share the phrase, give no … Continue reading