Give No Quarter

This isn't the first time that a bon mot was inspired by a Jacqueline Winspear 
Maisie Dobbs novel. An early post, betwixt & between came from Maisie. Recently
while reading the third book in the series, which was a gift from a fellow book 
lover, my daughter was inspired to share the phrase, give no quarter. The 
sentence read, "Though the journey had been long and grueling, Priscilla's 
family gave Maisie no quarter." I was intrigued. And truly, isn't what makes a 
word worth sharing? As I investigated, I found many good sites. There's a lot of 
history to the phrase, give no quarter. Very simply, the modern meaning is to 
show no mercy. The original meaning, which dates back to the 1600's is far more 
complicated. And I couldn't possibly do it justice any more than this UK Phrases 
site. Do have a read. And next time the cable company, your cell phone provider, 
etc. wrongs you, consider sending a strongly worded email stating that if they 
don't rectify the situation, you shall be forced to give no quarter.

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