Baste, Caramelize, Drizzle, Flambé

I was thinking tonight about cooking terms. Baste, caramelize, drizzle, flambé.  I know, I know. How out of character for me. My familiarity with cooking starts with “daily special” and ends with “check please”. But this morning I caught part of a story on KCUR’s Central Standard. The host, Jabulani Leffall (his name could be a bon mots!) was interviewing two women who own a bakery specializing in macaroons. The treats are described as magical. It’s rumored their oven is haunted.  How could one resist? The business is called Milk & Honey. Anyway…I was thinking about cooking and baking. Then I chatted to an online friend, Marilyn who I’ll be meeting in person tomorrow for the first time. She cooks and bakes, and the photos she posts online of her varied culinary treats make you want to climb through the screen and dig in. As I reflected on the KCUR story and on meeting Marilyn, I started thinking of cooking terms. Some of them are so evocative that just the word alone can start you salivating: baste, caramelize, drizzle, flambé. It may become my new mantra. Do you have a cooking term you love to say?

4 thoughts on “Baste, Caramelize, Drizzle, Flambé

  1. It definately has a ring to it. how about friccasse. “Baste, carmelize, drizzle, flambe. Oh! Friccasse! I’m out of butter, oil, chocolate and brandy.” ran across widdershins recently. more or less counterclockwise. not cooking but…………… Sorry you missed Saturday. great discussion. hope your mom is feeling better.

  2. Hi ue! I love Tinamou~a partridge-like bird that can be prepared like any common phesant dish.

    Check out “Larousse Gastronomique, The Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery”, by Prosper Montagne. It has a section on Offal. Most of which is a awful as it sounds. A. Mary

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