While reading an Elizabeth George book, I came across the word suzerainty. It struck me, because well, first of all, it’s got all the letters of one of my longtime nicknames, Suzy in it.  But once I got beyond that, I realized it was a word I hadn’t heard before. I could make a good guess from the context in this sentence, “Had she been given suzerainty in the situation, Yukio Matsumoto would have been brought round then thoroughly questioned once he’d emerged from the operating theatre.” I guessed it meant sovereignty or ultimate authority. And indeed, a search tells me suzerainty means superior authority or the power or domain of a suzerain. A suzerain is a nation that controls another nation in international affairs but allows it domestic sovereignty. So while these aren’t words that you’re unlikely to find yourself saying in casual conversation, they sound cool.  So cool in fact that I also found details of a board game, a software development company, and an alternative rock band all called suzerain. Have you come across this word before? In what context?

4 thoughts on “Suzerain/Suzerainty

  1. Last week, when it finally rained…the much needed 5″ of soaking rain…Suzie was aware of the suzerainty of the suzerain because of our long extended drought in the mid-west!!!

  2. a very faint bell rang when I saw suzerainty. so faint I can not track it’s source. Interesting. Sort of how power works in the US these days with, though, the illusion of domestic – state – sovereignty. oligarchy and plutocracy.

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