I asked twitter friends tonight to suggest words for this blog. I got some amazingly clever suggestions (not listing them here as I’ll use them other days). And of all the words suggested, the one that I connected with was daft. I’m not saying I think of myself as senseless or foolish (which is what it means, in case you’re not familiar with it).  I just like it. It makes me smile. It’s fun to say.  I think I’m most familiar with it from Maeve Binchy books, which means I can’t read the word without hearing it in my head in an Irish brogue.  The person who suggested daft noted, “It’s a kind way to call your kiddos silly”. It is! And in researching it, I found that it can also mean merry, playful or frolicsome. I wouldn’t mind being described as frolicsome, on occasion. I also found some daft websites and videos.  By far my favorite is this one on How to Make a Daft Punk Helmet in 17 Months. Is that meant to be a short time frame? Are the Daft Punk duo saying they are foolish or frolicsome?  Apparently they composed the score for the film Tron. Hmm. Regardless, I enjoy the word daft and I thank Millie Rossman for suggesting it.

4 thoughts on “Daft

  1. I like the word daft and, I like Maeve Binchy books. Tis a shame that people couldn’t use daft in referring to someone, instead of all the other dreadful 4 letter words,

  2. Haha. I was with a friend one time as he was getting IV medications. He said the nurse was deft and I went on (and on) about how he shouldn’t call someone poking him daft. No deft. what daft – you insist on calling her daft? etc. we had a jolly time. I agree daft is a great word and pledge to use it more often. Thanks for the post.

  3. Ha! I was telling a friend this summer how my ‘daft daughter’ wore flip flops on a mini hike and he remarked that he doesn’t hear that word often. I had a british family friend so trust me, i was called daft frequently! I have never read Marge Binchy. I’ll have to check her out.

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