Posted in November 2012

Face the Music

As my radio alarm clock blared an unmemorable tune at 5:31 this morning (I prefer waking up to odd numbers), the phrase face the music came to mind. If you wake to a radio alarm, you face the music daily. Where did this phrase come from? My research on tells me it has three … Continue reading


Who knew that such a nonsense word as fiddlesticks had such varied etymology? Certainly not me. I know it’s generally an expression meaning something akin to “Nonsense!” I’ve heard the expression fiddlesticks many times, but when I came across it today while reading Elizabeth George, it struck me as a really good word. One character says it, … Continue reading

It’s all double Dutch to me

“It’s all double Dutch to me.” So said my sister-in-law, Angie over a curry in her kitchen in England, when we visited last month. Um, say what? Have you heard this phrase before?  To me, double Dutch is a game played with jump ropes. I was never any good at the jumping part, but I … Continue reading