It’s all double Dutch to me

“It’s all double Dutch to me.” So said my sister-in-law, Angie over a curry in her kitchen in England, when we visited last month. Um, say what? Have you heard this phrase before?  To me, double Dutch is a game played with jump ropes. I was never any good at the jumping part, but I wasn’t too bad at turning the ropes in rhythm. That said, I was at a loss when Angie said, “It’s all double Dutch to me.” Turns out, it’s much like the phrase, “It’s all Greek to me.” It basically means, what you’re saying sounds like a foreign language that I don’t speak. Simple enough.  By the way, while research this phrase I came across two fun blog posts. One is from an Australian woman living in Holland and the other is a scrapbooker. Both are worth a peek. Now, does anyone out there speak double Dutch?

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