Posted in December 2012


It was a typical day at the office. It was the day we celebrated the November birthdays. Coworkers were discussing blogs, and I of course mentioned this one. Before I knew it, the “bon mots” were flying thick and fast around the water cooler. One of them that landed in my notes was catawampus. In … Continue reading


I used to think of indelible as a nasty word. As in, “Dragging the chair across the floor left an indelible mark.” I do know that it means “cannot be removed, washed away, erased, or forgotten.”  But still, I thought of it only in terms of an indelible marker (e.g., a Sharpie, though I do … Continue reading


Here’s how the conversation went at work the other day: Coworker:  What a nitwit. Me: Nitwit! Now there’s a good word. Do you say it often? Coworker: Sue, I have two teenage boys at home. Me: Got it. It’s such a fun word to say. Nitwit. I also love its synonyms: ninny, numskull, simpleton, booby, … Continue reading