I used to think of indelible as a nasty word. As in, “Dragging the chair across the floor left an indelible mark.” I do know that it means “cannot be removed, washed away, erased, or forgotten.”  But still, I thought of it only in terms of an indelible marker (e.g., a Sharpie, though I do love Sharpies) or a stain that won’t come out. I never considered it a good thing, let alone a good word (aka bon mot). Today I had reason to pause and consider the word in a different light. Some indelible marks are a gift. Like the mark someone makes on your life. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary less than a week ago leaves us heartbroken for the victims, the families, and for many, even the perpetrator.  A story today from Gawker, about a “letter penned to a Sandy Hook victim by his best friend” made me stop and think. This six year old boy, one of the 27 victims, clearly left an indelible mark on his young friend. That survivor, that friend, will forever have those memories. And now, by sharing his story, anyone who reads it is also affected. Thank you young John, for this letter to Jack. You’ve made an indelible mark on me, and I’m grateful.

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