It was a typical day at the office. It was the day we celebrated the November birthdays. Coworkers were discussing blogs, and I of course mentioned this one. Before I knew it, the “bon mots” were flying thick and fast around the water cooler. One of them that landed in my notes was catawampus. In researching the word, I found a variety of spellings. I decided to go with the seemingly preferred one, catawampus. It sounds American Indian or Native American to me. You may know that it means askew, awry or positioned diagonally (cater-cornered). For example, “We walked through the field catawampus”.  I learned from one site that it came into use in 1840 in the southern United States. Isn’t that a fun word?  And as often happens when I’m researching a word, I came across this very seemingly random named blog, that you should check out. Thank you to Lauren for this gem (and thanks also for your mom’s awesome cookies).

3 thoughts on “Catawampus

  1. Oh Sue…how sweet are you to give me (and my mom) a shout-out on your blog. Now I can say, I have officially arrived. Yay to catawampus!

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