Posted in February 2013


“Hey, it’s copacetic.” I hear that and I think of Riff from West Side Story. I picture him in jeans turned up at the cuff, a white t-shirt, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one of the sleeves. Copacetic is a cool way of saying, “it’s all fine”. My dad uses this term, … Continue reading


She caught his eye. His gaze locked with hers. And in an instant, he was besotted. Isn’t that a great word? It seems a fitting one for the week of Valentine’s Day. According to The Free Dictionary, besotted means, “stupefied with drink, intoxicated; infatuated, doting; foolish, muddled.” All of those are great words. I especially … Continue reading


Such a sweet little word. You can nibble chocolate covered pomegranate seeds or you can nibble an ear lobe. And according to wikipedia, you can also have a nibble of computer data which is a byte of information. There’s actually a magazine called Nibble, for devotees of the Apple II. And there’s the definition, … Continue reading