Such a sweet little word. You can nibble chocolate covered pomegranate seeds or you can nibble an ear lobe. And according to wikipedia, you can also have a nibble of computer data which is a byte of information. There’s actually a magazine called Nibble, for devotees of the Apple II. And there’s the definition, which “to take gentle, small, or cautious bites.” Cautious bites. I like the idea of that. Maybe you’re at a friend’s, having dinner, and she’s made a new dish full of unusual ingredients you’ve never heard of (and never wanted to). Perhaps you take a nibble to start. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the origin of the word is Low German or Dutch, from “nibbeln” meaning “gnaw”. Can’t you just picture a sweet little gray mouse, nibbling a bite of cheese, cautiously, whiskers twitching? Thanks to Andrea and Elizabeth, two dear twitter friends for the inspiration for this bon mot.


One thought on “Nibble

  1. I do like the word ‘nibble’ when referring to a sweet romantic gesture of nibbling an ear, BUT the idea of a small rodent nibbling anything ruins it for me.
    #ImLikeThat #AllAboutWordAssociation

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