She caught his eye. His gaze locked with hers. And in an instant, he was besotted. Isn’t that a great word? It seems a fitting one for the week of Valentine’s Day. According to The Free Dictionary, besotted means, “stupefied with drink, intoxicated; infatuated, doting; foolish, muddled.” All of those are great words. I especially love “stupefied”, because it reminds me of that sweet, loyal hero, Neville Longbottom. After the last Harry Potter book, I was a bit besotted with him. What I find amusing is that besot, according to Merriam Webster, can mean, “to make dull or stupid.” We’re all a bit stupid when we’re in love, which is often the usage of besotted. This word’s first known use was in 1567. That’s a long history of being stupefied. In my research, I also found this beautiful site, that sells paper, rubber stamps, etc. Gorgeous stuff. And you? What are you besotted with at the moment?


4 thoughts on “Besotted

  1. I am besotted with a certain disposable fountain pen, right now. It’s at work, so I can’t confirm if it’s a Bic or not–drat. It’s a nice little pen: good ink flow, makes a nice scritchy noise while I write, good solid inkflow, feels good in my hand.

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