“Hey, it’s copacetic.” I hear that and I think of Riff from West Side Story. I picture him in jeans turned up at the cuff, a white t-shirt, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one of the sleeves. Copacetic is a cool way of saying, “it’s all fine”. My dad uses this term, and as a man who was a teen in the 50’s, he pulls it off perfectly. If I said it I’d get some odd looks. It was suggested to me recently by a twitter friend, @karyntoso. She had read that copacetic was a derivative of the Jewish, kol b’seder, which means, “all in order.” But according to this site, that’s an incorrect etymology. The best source I found was this one, from Straight Dope. It offers up several possible origins, including my personal favorite, from the Creole French word coupersetique meaning “that which can be coped with.” For a Monday, this is a good word. Because really, it’s all copacetic.

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