neil caffreyThis word intrigues me. I heard bespoke used recently, though I can’t recall where. It might have been while watching White Collar. If anyone embodies bespoke in a character, it’s Matt Bomer as Neil Caffrey. I’ve heard the word before, and thought it meant “classic” or “well made”. But a quick peek at Merriam-Webster tells me bespoke specifically means, custom-made. Its first known use was in 1607. And according to this blog, “Bespoke’s origin comes from the world of tailoring. It was first used to mean an item of clothing that had been “spoken for”, or to “be spoke(n)” for.” And while it’s used today for other custom-made goods, that use is hotly debated, particularly by the Savile Row Bespoke Association. Really. As you would imagine, that group has a beautiful website. And speaking of beautiful sites, I found this one, as well as this one, Take a look. That second one appears to be the male equivalent of the Birch Box so many women I know love. Fascinating. I don’t own any bespoke garments myself. Or maybe I do. My mom used to make most of my clothes when I was little. Think that counts? I’ll have to check in with the Savile Row folks to confirm. I’ll get back to you.

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