scantyI always thought of scanty in connection with clothing. As in, she was scantily dressed in a pair of short-shorts and a halter top (I know, classy, right?) Then I came across this sentence in Henning Mankell’s, The Man from Beijing, “Information seeping out from the embattled police HQ was scanty, to say the least.” Okay, that makes sense. I still associate it with something slightly naughty though. Merriam-Webster tells us it means, “Limited or less than sufficient in degree, quantity, or extent.” Straight forward enough. But really, scanty is much more fun to say than “less than sufficient”. Apparently it comes from Old Norse skamt. Reading that makes me think of the skrewts from Harry Potter. You know, those magical creatures Hagrid has the Hogwarts kids raise. And, I digress. Have you used the word scanty recently? I suggest you find occasion to say it. It’s a treat.

One thought on “Scanty

  1. Ah scanty, a great little word. Today, it has been replaced by another little word, with pretty much the same meaning…hoochie! If one is described as ‘hoochie,’ one is scantily dressed.

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