dogs-playing-pokerMy dad likes to play pool. And while the two hip replacements and multiple back surgeries don’t stand in his way, a new issue with neck pain does. So when my husband asked if he’d like to play pool on Monday night with a couple of guys, Dad said, “I can’t play, but I can go and kibitz.” My husband and I stared across the table at each other and blinked. I thought for sure my dad was using a word he didn’t really know the meaning of. Because, come on, we’re all smarter than our parents, right? Yeah, right. I asked my dad what it meant and he said it was to give unwanted advice. I still wasn’t convinced, so I wrote it down. According to the Online Entomology Dictionary, kibitz is from the Yiddish, kibitsen, which is “to offer gratuitous advice as an outsider.” And from the German, kiebitzne, “to look on at cards, to kibitz.”  It also refers to a shore bird with a reputation as a meddler. I’ve been surprised by many things in life. And now I can add to that, hearing my dad use a Yiddish expression. Anyone want to kibitz about that?

2 thoughts on “Kibitz

  1. Kibitz, huh? Did your dad also share with you that he played Tevye, in an off Broadway production of “Fiddler on the Roof?”

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