Right as Rain

200236712-001“After spending a fortune to get the car fixed, I’m pleased to report it’s running right as rain.” World Wide Words tells us, right as rain refers to, “a sense of something being satisfactory, safe, secure or comfortable.”  Simple enough. It’s a lovely phase to say, rolls off the tongue.  But when you explore it, it becomes a bit obscure. Since medieval times there have been a variety of “right as” expressions. Frankly, they’re odd.  Here are a few, courtesy of Word Detective: right as a gun, right as a nail, right as a trivet, and my favorite, right as a book (that one does make sense, of course). It’s believed right as rain remains the favorite, due to the simple fact of its alliteration.  Fair enough. Thank you to @OpinionsToGo for suggesting this bon mots. Whenever I see her on twitter, I know the world is right as rain.

3 thoughts on “Right as Rain

  1. Thank you! You took that little phrase and turned it into a very informative and entertaining post. And, I’m all about alliteration.

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