Up to High Doh

maeve binchyIf you’ve read a single Maeve Binchy book, you’ve come across the phrase “up to high doh”. You can generally tell from the context that it means being in an agitated state. But isn’t it so much more colorful to say “Margaret was up to high doh after her neighbor borrowed her new car to take the dog to the vet, and brought it back with the seats covered in fur and slobber.” In researching this word, I found surprisingly little information. I was really expecting some fun or fascinating origins. I did confirm on reverse.net that it can mean either the first degree of any major scale (as in: doh ray me fah soh lah te doh), or to be extremely excited or keyed up (from the Scottish). I found this amusing site which I haven’t quite figured out, but I’m sure is either funny, amusing, or cool beyond measure. Please someone check it out and report back. In any case, I urge you to find occasion to use the phrase up to high doh soon.

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