sashayCome on…tell me you can hear the word sashay and not picture some sassy guy or gal, hips rhythmically swinging from side to side. Sashay is almost a fun to say as it is to do. It means to walk or glide or “to strut or move about in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner”, according to Merriam Webster.  You really can’t sashay and be in a bad mood. Try it. Next time you’re at the grocery store and someone cuts you off with their cart, put your chin up and sashay away. Did you know it’s related to the dance term, chasse? And chasse is a form of the French verb, chasser, which means to chase. I like to think of it like chasing the blues away. Sashay is also a yarn, a clothing store, a dance club, and a school of fashion and design. Thank you to @OpinionsToGo for recommending this bon mot.

4 thoughts on “Sashay

  1. Oh, I love the word ‘sashay!’ I love the meaning of ‘sashay,’ and I love the feeling of ‘sashaying’ around…a fun, feminine word…an old school word.

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