Posted in May 2013


  What a funny word. Brouhaha. Pronounced brew-ha-ha. For such a seemingly silly word, it has some interesting origins. tells us it means, “excited public interest, discussion or the like” or “an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil.” It’s either from the French, “brou, ha, ha!” which apparently was an exclamation by a character representing … Continue reading


“You’re full of malarkey!” Isn’t that a great word? Somehow it’s classier than being full of baloney. Malarkey sounds a little more mysterious. Like, maybe what you’re full of is something unknown and wonderful. Maybe not. It sounds Irish to me, though I could find evidence to support that. It’s origins are murky. My mom … Continue reading


Don’t get yourself into a snit. Into a what? A snit. Isn’t it fun to say? It’s short. It makes anyone who utters it sound like they have a nasal problem. And when you say it, you almost can’t help but make a face, curling your lip, raising an eyebrow. Merriam Webster says it’s a … Continue reading


When I think of this word, I think of the discombobulated robot in Lost in Space, saying over and over again, “That does not compute.” I’ve used discombobulated myself, but never really thought about it. I think most people know that it means to confuse or upset. According to Wiktionary, it’s likely that it’s a … Continue reading


This is one of those words that if I had to guess at its meaning, I’d be dead wrong. It just sounds so silly. I picture a really goofy superhero. Supercilious, according to is an adjective meaning “showing haughty disdain”. As in, Chad thinks he’s so much better than us; his smug supercilious grin … Continue reading


I come across this word now and again, and it always gives me pause. Somehow when I read it, I hear in my head, “posthumous”. They have nothing in common in terms of meaning. I know that. But the similar sound of the two words makes me stop and think about what eponymous means. According … Continue reading