villianThis is one of those words that if I had to guess at its meaning, I’d be dead wrong. It just sounds so silly. I picture a really goofy superhero. Supercilious, according to is an adjective meaning “showing haughty disdain”. As in, Chad thinks he’s so much better than us; his smug supercilious grin is obnoxious. It’s derived from the Latin, supercilium (eyebrow, pride), from super (above) + cilium (eyelid).  Which makes me picture a raised eyebrow, a la the villain in a melodrama twisting his handlebar mustache. I found a twitter account assigned to supercilious. The account holder’s last tweet was on October 14, 2011 and was, “It may be the best time to go to Williamsburg or the East Village, all the hipsters have gone mad and moved to the financial district.” Hmm.

2 thoughts on “Supercilious

  1. Supercilious…great word! I’m thinking of all the films, with characters who could be described as such. I think that Professor Higgins in ‘My Fair Lady,’ would fit the bill, and also The ‘Captain’s’ lady friend in ‘The Sound of Music.’

    Really loved the last tweet of @supercilious

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