thats-buncha-malarkey“You’re full of malarkey!” Isn’t that a great word? Somehow it’s classier than being full of baloney. Malarkey sounds a little more mysterious. Like, maybe what you’re full of is something unknown and wonderful. Maybe not. It sounds Irish to me, though I could find evidence to support that. It’s origins are murky. My mom suggested this bon mot to me, which means insincere or foolish talk. I can’t recall hearing her use it, but she certainly would have had occasion to, what with my big brothers and I being who we are. During the 2012 Vice President debates, a comment by Joe Biden (aka “crinkle eyes”, as my daughter refers to him) led to a dictionary record with malarkey. I found some interesting sites while researching, including this cool twitter account and a roofing company. While I realize Malarkey in this case is a family name, I don’t know that I’d have much faith in the credibility of a firm whose name is associated with insincerity. Go on then, be like our veep, and next time you need a word for foolishness, try malarkey.

3 thoughts on “Malarkey

  1. Ahh, ‘malarkey,’ a kinder, gentler word. A word that maybe ‘The Duggars’ use, or the family on ‘Walton Mountain.’ I bet that ‘John Boy,’ told somebody in his lifetime , that they were full of malarkey.

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