brouhaha paradeWhat a funny word. Brouhaha. Pronounced brew-ha-ha. For such a seemingly silly word, it has some interesting origins. tells us it means, “excited public interest, discussion or the like” or “an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil.” It’s either from the French, “brou, ha, ha!” which apparently was an exclamation by a character representing the devil in the 16th century. Or it could be from the Hebrew, “a distortion of the recited phrase barukh habba, ‘blessed is he who (comes in the name of the Lord)’, Psalm 118:26”.  Say what? A ridiculous word like brouhaha may have come from the bible?  Apparently brouhaha is also a global arts organization in the UK, which holds an annual parade (that’s where the photo with this post is from). When I hear brouhaha, I think of Broom Hilda, the cartoon witch. And now that I’m thinking of her, I’m thinking about the narrator, Hildy, of @AnnLeary’s book “The Good House”, which I recently finished.  Not read it yet? Well, this bon mot is done so off you go to the bookstore, or I may start a brouhaha.

2 thoughts on “Brouhaha

  1. This just might be your best bon mot to date. Not only, did you give a definition, you somehow managed to plug @AnnLeary’s book, ‘The Good House.’

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