ITV3 Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2012 - London“You look fetching tonight.” Doesn’t that sound so much nicer than “You look attractive tonight”? According to Merriam Webster fetching simply means attractive or pleasing. But to me, it implies alluring, drawing others to you. Your new hair style may be attractive. But that new little black dress and heels are fetching. The online etymology dictionary tells us the origin is Old English, feccan, which means, “to fetch, bring near, obtain; induce; to marry”.  To marry? Hmm. It goes back to Old Norse, Middle Dutch, and Old High German. That’s a lot of lineage for a word that’s tossed around like a trifle these days. And it makes it slight disturbing that “fetch” is slang for cool or awesome. Is it just me that thinks of a dog upon hearing the word fetch? And since when a dog fetches, it goes to retrieve something, it seems an opposite to the standard definition of fetching.  This bon mot was inspired by a recent twitter conversation between @jendeaderick and @hippiechick68. Two fetching women I’m thankful to know, even though I’ve only met one of them in person. Oh, you may be wondering why the photo of Benedict Cumberbatch. Simple really; a web search of “you look fetching” returned this site. And really, he does, look fetching, doesn’t he?

2 thoughts on “Fetching

  1. Oh, I like the word ‘fetching!’ It conjures up thoughts of “Downton Abbey,”…lots of fetching people there.

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