“Oh no, it’s tomorrow! I must scurry.” So read a facebook update this morning from the delightful Judy Clement Wall.  Scurry. What a great word. Or well, a bon mot. You probably already know it means to move hurriedly, with short quick steps. According to etymonline, it may be “from hurry scurry (1732), a reduplication of hurry.” When I hear the word scurry I picture mice. But you know, not the icky kind you’re distraught to discover in your basement. No, what comes to mind to me is the sweet little mouse, Maurice from The Great Picture Robbery. I love what another of Judy’s facebook friends, Christie said, “For some reason, seeing the word scurry today made me think of scattering with curry…I think the heat has officially fried my brain cells.” And you, what do you picture?


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