Stubby_Kaye_Shenanigans_1964Shenanigans. A word you can’t say without smiling or smirking. Well, I can’t, anyway. And I’m more than a little amused that in researching this word I found it was a children’s television program that ran from September 26, 1964 to March 20, 1965, and again from September 25 to December 18, 1965. This amuses me as I was born July of 1965, so I was essentially born between seasons of Shenanigans. Okay, maybe that’s only amusing to me. You probably know shenanigans is a noun meaning “silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief”, according to Merriam Webster. You might hear a parent call upstairs to the kids, “Quit the shenanigans and get to bed right now!” I found a fun website with a cool logo with the emphasis on Shenanigans, which is about photography & mischief. What a fun idea. It reminded me of when my daughter did Wacky Wednesdays her freshman year of college. Talk about shenanigans! Those girls had some silly, high-spirited fun. What about you?  Have you been known to engage in shenanigans? Or are you the one, hands on hips, wagging your finger and making the rest of us simmer down? I think if you’re here, you get up to shenanigans.

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