Posted in October 2013


If there was ever a word that sounded like what it means, that word is gobbledygook. As in, “I have no idea what he said; it was all gobbledygook to me.” From Merriam-Webster we know it means, “speech or writing that is complicated and difficult to understand”. Also, “wordy and generally unintelligible jargon”. I’ll bet … Continue reading


While listening to NPR today, a foreign reporter used the word fortnight. And I thought, ah now there’s a good word. Fortnight. Most likely I first heard the word while reading Shakespeare in the 8th grade (did we start Shakespeare in the 8th grade?) The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us it’s from the 17th century, … Continue reading


“He did a real slapdash job when he painted the front door. It’s a lovely shade of red, but quite sloppy.” I love this word. It’s not onomatopoeia, but almost. We know from that it means, “hasty and careless”, and also bold. Etymology online gives a very straightforward origin, telling us slapdash is an … Continue reading