Posted in November 2013

In Spades

It’s funny how hearing one word or phrase makes you think of another. A friend’s Facebook status started with, “Me Gone Wrong in Spades”. She went on to describe a series of unfortunate events that together made for a pretty crummy visit to the coffee shop. But when I read in spades, I thought of … Continue reading


I recently became a huge fan of British comedic actress Miranda Hart. I have my husband to thank for this. He got hooked on Call the Midwife. Yes, you read that right; my husband got hooked on the British drama, Call the Midwife. He can tell you about all the characters, their quirks and foibles. … Continue reading


Quick – name a character in in a book, play, or mythology you would describe as a flibbertigibbet. Did you say Maria, that gutsy, guitar playing, mountain top twirling nun from The Sound of Music? That’s who I thought of. How about Puck, the mischievous fairy? And then there’s King Lear. Wait. King Lear? That’s … Continue reading