flibbertigibbetQuick – name a character in in a book, play, or mythology you would describe as a flibbertigibbet. Did you say Maria, that gutsy, guitar playing, mountain top twirling nun from The Sound of Music? That’s who I thought of. How about Puck, the mischievous fairy? And then there’s King Lear. Wait. King Lear? That’s what the Word Detective tells us. I didn’t remember it, but apparently in King Lear (1605) Shakespeare used flibbertigibbet as the name of a demon. That aside, it’s generally used to refer to a flighty person. And really, it’s just plain fun to say. I’d like to thank Bev Connor for suggesting this word. Bev herself is not someone I’d call a flibbertigibbet. She’s a smart, kind person I worked with years ago and we reconnected recently on social media. I worked in our Chicago office and Bev worked in the London branch. And once, when she came to the States for a conference I was organizing, I asked her to bring me a small tin of lip balm (that I could only find in England), and she brought me not one but 13 tins! Thanks Bev! Now be off  all, and I challenge you to use flibbertigibbet sometime in the next three days.

5 thoughts on “Flibbertigibbet

  1. Great word…so many syllables! I think that Peter Pan was a bit of a flibbertigibbet!

    I’d say that your friend Bev is a friend indeed…13 lip balms…very thoughtful.

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