Tony tootling around Hay on Wye

Tony tootling around Hay on Wye

Some words just make me smile. Tootling is one of them. We were just tootling down the road with the dog, taking a spin around the neighborhood. You really can’t be grumpy or down or anything but smiling when you’re tootling. We should all tootle more often. I think of tootling as a cousin to meandering. The origins of tootling are unsurprising. According to The Oxford Dictionary, it is a verb that means, “Go or travel in a leisurely way”. It also means, “Casually make a series of sounds on a horn, trumpet, or similar instrument”. My husband is an aficionado of tootling (the traveling kind, not the instrumental kind). Never try to hustle him along when he’s in a tootling mood. I tend to get impatient at times. But if I can hold back, go at his pace, I find my heart rate slowing down and a smile creeping up. Give it a try!

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