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sue 042713Translated from the French “bon mots”  (pronounced “bun moh”) literally means “good words”. It can also mean a clever remark or witticism. To me the words call to mind bon bons, little sugary confections. And that is just the right way to describe my vision for this blog. It’s a place to share words I like the sound of, new words I learn,  words that carry connotations we may or may not share, and so forth.

Words in and of themselves have little value. Or do they? Words, without the benefit of a sentence to support them do mean something to us. We can like the way a word sounds, the feeling it evokes, or we can like what words when paired with other words mean or say to us.

What will you find here? Each post will feature a single word, a word pairing, or perhaps just a list of well-loved words. And much like those tiny little words bon mots themselves, I’ll keep each post brief.

As most blog authors do, I crave interaction with you, the reader. So please, I invite you to comment. Feel free to suggest a word to be featured in a post, letting me know why you’ve suggested it. And together we may grow our love for good words, and get to know one another in the process.

15 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. I love this idea and am looking forward to learning new things about words. And maybe even learning new words. *bows to you* Will start following now!

  2. As a writer, I love how words can be used to inspire, encourage, entertain, etc. I’m looking forward to reading about the words you select for each post. Can I share your blog with my family?

  3. Ha! Love this! Slipped up on it by accident, but what a clever blog…
    Words are intriguing, inspiring, fascinating, and humorous to me, and can be used interpreted in so many ways, (even the simple ones we speak, write, hear, etc.daily), simply depending on tone of voice, manner written, nature of situation, the people speaking them and the people listening, hearing, and interpreting them in different ways, etc., so I shall return to see more. Always looking for a “fancy” new word… lol

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