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I come across this word now and again, and it always gives me pause. Somehow when I read it, I hear in my head, “posthumous”. They have nothing in common in terms of meaning. I know that. But the similar sound of the two words makes me stop and think about what eponymous means. According … Continue reading

Minced Oath

While watching Midsomer Murders, and learning that the murder weapon was a bodkin, I became interested in the phrase “odd bodkin”.  And while researching that, I came across an even more interesting term, minced oath. While not a very eloquent phrase, it’s an amusing one (at least to me). It’s a way of swearing, without … Continue reading


From the first time I heard this word, I was smitten. Not only does it just have a wonderful sound to it (port-man-toe) but its meaning is so cool. It’s a meshing of two words.  Or as this source describes it, “a word formed by blending sounds from two or more distinct words and combining … Continue reading