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Hat Trick

  I love this phrase, even though I didn’t fully understand its proper usage until I looked it up just now. It’s just so evocative. I picture bowler hats being juggled in the air by a tuxedoed man on a vaudeville stage, his cane hanging by its crook over his arm while he tosses the … Continue reading


I recently received a text from my mom which read, “I really liked her when we met. I knew she’d be so convivial about Natalie.” Mom was referring to my long-time friend, Mary, who recently moved to Washington, DC and who we had a lovely brunch with when mom and I visited my daughter (in … Continue reading


The morning was so gorgeous, we were thinking we might have a picnic on the front lawn in the afternoon. Sadly, the rain put the kibosh on that plan. Kibosh. What a great word to use when you want to say something was cut short in a dramatic fashion. This one has been sitting on … Continue reading


I love this word. Okay, okay, I say that about nearly all of these bon mots. But simpatico just has that roll-off-the-tongue quality. It’s hard to mispronounce. And to me, it’s so very evocative. The first image that comes to mind is Ben Stiller and Edward Norton, sauntering (or maybe sashaying) down the streets of … Continue reading

Compact and Bijou

You may think my husband’s car is small, but he would say his little habanero orange Prius C is compact and bijou. Compact and what? Compact and bijou. Isn’t that a wonderful phrase? Of course you know compact means dense or firmly packed together. But what about bijou? I always pictured a blinking neon theatre … Continue reading

Bated Breath

It’s been two months since I’ve last written a bon mot. My dear twitter pal OpinionsToGo tweeted me today to say, “Waiting with bated breath for another of your interesting #bonmots”. I thought…me too! Then I thought, bated breath? Where the heck does that come from? I always picture a panting dog when I hear … Continue reading


Quick – name a character in in a book, play, or mythology you would describe as a flibbertigibbet. Did you say Maria, that gutsy, guitar playing, mountain top twirling nun from The Sound of Music? That’s who I thought of. How about Puck, the mischievous fairy? And then there’s King Lear. Wait. King Lear? That’s … Continue reading


If there was ever a word that sounded like what it means, that word is gobbledygook. As in, “I have no idea what he said; it was all gobbledygook to me.” From Merriam-Webster we know it means, “speech or writing that is complicated and difficult to understand”. Also, “wordy and generally unintelligible jargon”. I’ll bet … Continue reading


I considered changing my name to Roxie, but I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole. Okay, I’m not really thinking of changing my name. But it’s a great word, rigmarole, isn’t it? I used to think it had another “a” in it, “rigamarole”. I was wrong. It’s from the 1700s and while it now … Continue reading


Me: What kind of white wine do you have? Waiter: We have a nice conundrum. Me: Huh? Yes, apparently not only is conundrum a word which means a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun (according to Merriam Webster), but it’s also a wine with a “robust, floral and bright tropical taste.”  Conundrum, the … Continue reading