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I love this word. My apologies – I do realize I start a lot of posts that way, but well, heck, this blog is called “bon mots/good words” for a reason. But isn’t this a fun one? It was suggested by a friend. I would not categorize her as snarky, but she hears a lot … Continue reading


“You’re full of malarkey!” Isn’t that a great word? Somehow it’s classier than being full of baloney. Malarkey sounds a little more mysterious. Like, maybe what you’re full of is something unknown and wonderful. Maybe not. It sounds Irish to me, though I could find evidence to support that. It’s origins are murky. My mom … Continue reading


Don’t get yourself into a snit. Into a what? A snit. Isn’t it fun to say? It’s short. It makes anyone who utters it sound like they have a nasal problem. And when you say it, you almost can’t help but make a face, curling your lip, raising an eyebrow. Merriam Webster says it’s a … Continue reading


When I think of this word, I think of the discombobulated robot in Lost in Space, saying over and over again, “That does not compute.” I’ve used discombobulated myself, but never really thought about it. I think most people know that it means to confuse or upset. According to Wiktionary, it’s likely that it’s a … Continue reading


Come on…tell me you can hear the word sashay and not picture some sassy guy or gal, hips rhythmically swinging from side to side. Sashay is almost a fun to say as it is to do. It means to walk or glide or “to strut or move about in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner”, according … Continue reading


“Come on kiddo, let’s skedaddle.” This is another of those words that’s fun to say. It’s brought to you here, courtesy of a recommendation from my mom. After reading the post on meander, she nominated skedaddle as somewhat of an opposite word. I can see that. When you meander you’re taking your time, and have … Continue reading

Right as Rain

“After spending a fortune to get the car fixed, I’m pleased to report it’s running right as rain.” World Wide Words tells us, right as rain refers to, “a sense of something being satisfactory, safe, secure or comfortable.”  Simple enough. It’s a lovely phase to say, rolls off the tongue.  But when you explore it, … Continue reading


My dad likes to play pool. And while the two hip replacements and multiple back surgeries don’t stand in his way, a new issue with neck pain does. So when my husband asked if he’d like to play pool on Monday night with a couple of guys, Dad said, “I can’t play, but I can … Continue reading

Dog’s Bollocks

I’m sorry. This isn’t my usual bon mot. We were sitting in the car in a parking lot downtown, waiting for the bus from Chicago to arrive, bringing our daughter back from spring break. She was on an Alternative Break trip, learning about and volunteering at Chicago 826 with 5 other KU students. That’s a … Continue reading


“Hey, it’s copacetic.” I hear that and I think of Riff from West Side Story. I picture him in jeans turned up at the cuff, a white t-shirt, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one of the sleeves. Copacetic is a cool way of saying, “it’s all fine”. My dad uses this term, … Continue reading